Quick Start Guide: how to use PrivateVoice

Command Response
=info General info and links to the bot, discord, website, ...
=help Show the full help menu
Command Description Example
=name {new name} Change the name of your channel =name My happy channel


=open {@role / @user}

Open channel to everyone

Open your channel to the role / user


=open @Kobe118


=close {@role / @user}

Close channel to everyone

Close your channel to the role / user


=close @Kobe118


Hide the channel from everyone who
can't join it: people you used '=close' on

=unhide Make the channel visible again =unhide


=owner {@user}

Claim ownership of the channel you're in

Give ownership to user


=owner @Kobe118

=limit {0-99}

Change the userlimit in your channel

0 to disable

=limit 15

=pushtotalk {on/off}

Enable / disable push to talk

=pushtotalk on

All commands, except =owner, can only be used by the owner/creator of the channel

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