Initial Setup


  • Make sure you don't change the default permissions when you invite PrivateVoice.
  • To setup the bot, or change any of its configs, you need the following permission:
    -> Manage Channels


Mention the bot to change the prefix


To setup PrivateVoice, you first have to define the voice channel users will have to join, and the category under which you would like the new channels to be created.

Command Description Example
=setup channel {channel} Lobby / master channel

=setup channel Join To Create

=setup category {category} Category to hold the channels

=setup category Voice Channels

After this, everything will be fully operational. Continue the manual for more features!

Get PrivateVoice-Plus to setup multiple categories and Lobby channels.

View settings:

Command Description Example
=setup show Print the entire setup

=setup show

View all commands:

Command Description
=help Show all general commands
=help staff Show setup commands (only available to members with 'Manage Channels')

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