General settings to configure the main functions of the bot.

Command Description Example
=set # moderator {@role / @user} Channels will always be open to this rank or user.
Execute the command again to remove the role/user.
=set 0 moderator @Kobe118
=set # limit {0-99}

Maximum users in a voice channel.

0 to disable

=set 0 limit 10
=set # verified {@role}

Set a role that is required to use PrivateVoice
Execute the command again to remove the role/user.

=set 0 verified @members
=set # naming {1-5}

Custom channel naming

=set 0 naming 2

Replace the # by any number to setup an unlimited amount of categories and channels!

Naming Presets

Index Preset Example
1 Private {Username} Private Kobe118
2 {index}# Private        (Index counts the PV channels) 5# Private
3 {username}'s channel Kobe118's channel
4 Private {Highest role} Private Admin
5 Set a custom channel name  

Custom Channel Naming

You can compile the custom channel name of the placeholders below. For example: %i# %n's channel

%i The channel index (increments with every new channel, and decreases when a channel is removed)
%n The players' username
%r The players' highest rank (ranks can be excluded from display thru =set naming exclude {@role})
%s The Discord Server name


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