How to Setup - Plus

How to setup PrivateVoice - Plus

Initial Setup



Mention the bot to change the prefix

Activate PrivateVoice - Plus

Do =activate anywhere in your server to enable PrivateVoice-Plus


To setup PrivateVoice, you first have to define the voice channel users will have to join, and the category under which you would like the new channels to be created.

Command Description Example
=setup # channel {channel} Lobby / master channel

=setup 0 channel Join To Create

=setup # category {category} Category to hold the channels

=setup 0 category Voice Channels

Replace the # by any number to create an unlimited amount of categories and channels!

After this, everything will be fully operational. Continue the manual for more features!

View settings:

Command Description Example
=setup show Print all categories that are setup

=setup show

=setup # show Print all settings for a specific Lobby channel

=setup show

View all commands:

Command Description
=help Show all general commands
=help staff Show setup commands (only available to members with 'Manage Channels')


General settings to configure the main functions of the bot.

Command Description Example
=set # moderator {@role / @user} Channels will always be open to this rank or user.
Execute the command again to remove the role/user.
=set 0 moderator @Kobe118
=set # limit {0-99}

Maximum users in a voice channel.

0 to disable

=set 0 limit 10
=set # verified {@role}

Set a role that is required to use PrivateVoice
Execute the command again to remove the role/user.

=set 0 verified @members
=set # naming {1-5}

Custom channel naming

=set 0 naming 2

Replace the # by any number to setup an unlimited amount of categories and channels!

Naming Presets

Index Preset Example
1 Private {Username} Private Kobe118
2 {index}# Private        (Index counts the PV channels) 5# Private
3 {username}'s channel Kobe118's channel
4 Private {Highest role} Private Admin
5 Set a custom channel name  

Custom Channel Naming

You can compile the custom channel name of the placeholders below. For example: %i# %n's channel

%i The channel index (increments with every new channel, and decreases when a channel is removed)
%n The players' username
%r The players' highest rank (ranks can be excluded from display thru =set naming exclude {@role})
%s The Discord Server name



Toggle different possibilities for PrivateVoice channels

Command Description Default value
=toggle # name Enable / disable users to change their channel name Enabled
=toggle # open

Open / close channels by default to everyone

=toggle # streaming

Enable / disable streaming in PrivateVoice channels

=toggle # pushtotalk

Force the use of push to talk in all PrivateVoice channels

=toggle # hide

Allow / prevent users from hiding their channel


Replace the # by any number to setup an unlimited amount of categories and channels!